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What if you could make the folks you know laugh & pee their pants a little?
Wouldn’t you do it?
What if you could do that 
for just $1?
Well now you can!
No subscription or membership necessary.
Surprise friends with cool, irreverent, sarcastic, hysterical & goofy ecards.
Check ’em out and send ’em out today!




I’m Diane English aka The Great Cosmic Happy Ass!

While dawdling along spiritual paths in search of my inner muffin, I began doodling the wacky cast of characters that live in my head. Soon they created their own world & I became known as the Great Cosmic Happy-Ass.

From wacky gurus, irreverent monks to blessed bovines, I’ve shared my world as greeting cards, prints, magnets, t-shirts and mugs since 1996. Sold in independent bookstores and galleries throughout the U.S. and directly here on my website. I’ve discovered the fastest way to enlightenment is a good laugh and a cosmic happy ass.

So go pee & make yourself comfortable as you choose the perfect e-cards!



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